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Add & Manage Members
Add members to your organization to help you manage your account.
Measure Results & Adapt Settings
Our analytics dashboard will keep you up-to-date and informed on your progress in any advertisement.
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Upload, edit, and control all your promotional content in one dashboard. Advertising made easy.
Branded SocialStamps™ Collection

A branded collection of 36 stamps with analytics, design, management, share API’s, and premium in-network exposure. Starting at $1,000/month

  1. Not everyone can be a stamp at lettrs. These are elements of contextual advertising that exists on no other network.
  2. These new media objects invite another dimension of interactive engagement, with stamps that are shared on most major social networks and provide benefits, context or exciting effect right on lettrs.
  3. Applications for FanMail, integrated advertising and cross channel social content management and visibility.
  4. Complete with self-service and stamp analytics dashboard.
  5. Includes lettrs Agency advisory and design services for the first 36 stamps in the collection.